Since our change to ‘The OG Robots on Solana’, the community has been asking for a new slogan that better represents Solarians. As part of our New Chapter Initiative and our desire to better work with the community, we decided to give them ownership of the Solarian slogan. After taking…

NeoNexus Governor’s Mansion

The Robots here in RoboDAO are very pleased to announce our recent acquisition of the Governor’s Mansion!

On the 31st of October, after completing our first official RoboDAO vote, a team of RoboDAO representatives took on the challenge of bidding for the Neonexus Governor’s Mansion while the rest of us…

🤖Robofam! 🤖

It’s the end of October, and it sure has been a tumultuous month!

We’ve spoken in bits and pieces about the situation, but we felt it was necessary to talk about it officially one last time before moving on to the exciting things we have planned.

After our mint started…

Solarians! 🤖

Thank you all for your support these past few months — it’s been an absolutely amazing journey thus far and we really couldn’t have achieved this without you.

We have had many newcomers join our community recently, and we know that we’re long overdue for an update on…

Solarians !

You all asked for a rarity guide. This article will give you the possibility to understand how our rarity system works in a general way. You will be able to figure out by yourself which part is rarer than others.

The first thing you need to know is…

Citizens of Solaria Prime…

We have noticed that a lot of newcomers are a bit lost in the gigantic crypto-world… And we want to help them.

Here is a complete guide on how to go from FIAT to a Solarian NFT in your wallet.

We do think that Binance is the most user friendly exchange to use so we are going to use it in our guide. …

The Solarians Raffle is a raffle event where you get to try your luck at winning a Solarian.
The entry fee is 0.5 SOL and a Solarian/Winner will be added for every 30 entries.


  1. Send 0.5 SOL to this address 7ymN4BfqkTGkrkYJfLvRajAKQtwAC2zLTPoeW3298Gz1
  2. Quote retweet the event tweet found here
    using the these tags: #SolariansRaffle #Solarians #Solana $SOL #NFT
  3. Fill in this form


  • To buy multiple entries you have to make separate transactions and fill-in the form for each one.
  • No need to retweet for each transaction, one retweet is enough, just use the same link.
  • Deadline is 11/05/2021


SolariansNFT Meme Competition


The winners from each category will have the ability to choose between a free Solarian or 3 allocations ranging in price between 1–3 $SOL

If the winner chooses to receive the free Solarian, he will be able to choose a guaranteed body part/Attribute! …


Solarians originate from Solaria Prime, and are the first on-chain generative NFTs on Solana.

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